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          Our lab Completed the Revision of System Document

          Update Time:2012-10-25  Click:2695

          In order to adapt to the development of China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Standard Parts, ensure the continued effective operation of management system, the center completed the revision of system document recently according to 2011 management decisions.
          Aiming at the practical operation of the laboratory, the Technology Quality Department organized all branches to discuss and review system document and propose amendments. 2012 system document has been issued on October 8, 2012, after nearly 2 months for modification. The system document is scheduled to be implemented on October 29, 2012. From October 12, 2012, the center organized the advocacy and implementation for all staff. Head of the related departments used the PPT to present it, the judges and all participants scored the presentation quality. Close- exam was given to all staff after the lecture to ensure the new management system document getting implemented successfully in the center of daily work.