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          Laboratory Open Day Attracted All Social Sectors

          Update Time:2011-06-23  Click:2671

          Technical agency of Haiyan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision organized the activity “Laboratory Open Day” on June 16, showing the laboratory equipment, test operation and people’s will and enthusiasm to all social sectors. The activity “Laboratory Open Day” fully demonstrates the technic strength and the effect of the democratic appraisal industry ethos on the industry ethos in Quality and Technical Supervision System.

          The “Laboratory Open Day” has attracted 20 enterprise representatives from food, measurement and standard parts, as well as Haiyan discipline-inspection commission and the leaders of the industry ethos democratic appraisal group. Agency representative showed the test equipment and test methods. Haiyan Products Quality Supervision Testing Institution staff demonstrated the immediate test method for vegetable pesticide residues and popularized science and technology public concerned.