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Zhejiang GuoJian Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Standard Parts) is an impartial third party testing institution. Our laboratory passed the identification of the qualified inspection agencies (CMA, CAL) and the accreditation by China National Accreditation Stand (CNAS). The laboratory also passed the National defense Laboratory Accreditation (DILAC), and obtained the confidentiality qualification.

Our laboratory can carry out the chemical composition analysis, mechanical testing, physical properties testing, and nondestructive testing of standard parts series products, construction steel, machinery parts, metal products, metal products, welding parts and etc. The coverage of testing ability is more than 98%. As for the important parameters, our laboratory 100% reaches the international and foreign advanced standard testing ability. Our laboratory can provide services such as failure analysis and full performance test to the products of our customers. Our laboratory has all kinds of testing equipment more than 160 sets. Equipment assets are of nearly 20 million yuan. Our laboratory has the United States Direct-reading Spectrometer, Germany Zeiss Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, Low Temperature Impact Testing Machine, High Temperature Tensile Testing Machine, High Temperature Creep Testing Machine and High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machine and other advanced equipment, among them, the imported equipment accounted for more than 65%, which fully ensured the reliability of the testing results.

Our laboratory gets into the field of aerospace, nuclear power, wind power, automobile, railway, bridge, construction, and engineering machinery industry. Our laboratory can provide services, such as product R&D support, production process improvement, assembly technical support, technical training, quality control process, design of clean and environment-friendly process, and so on.